Call me Bloody~!, Guys this is important
Guys this is important


Wind or Earth?

  1. artistofblue answered: Earth.
  2. man-in-the-moonmoon answered: earth bro
  3. italysbaker answered: earth because bilds things and seams like a down to earth guy. air only works bce of toothless but he counts as fire. im a wicken 2 i kwita
  4. straydogofanarchy answered: I would say earth. He’s a blacksmith, which uses things from the earth, HE fights on the ground. Toothless lets him break away from himself.
  5. ayrastak answered: earth is too grounded but wind can be strong, he changed a viking lifestyle: wind
  6. annabeththeunicorn answered: wind.
  7. snow-runt answered: hmm… earth simply because even though he flies, he’s not wild like wind, but i guess it depends on the context.
  8. daedriac answered: wiiiiiiiiiiiind. he flies a dragon for god sakes
  9. fiftyshadesof-dont-fuckin-testme answered: EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. lilliputchild answered: wind
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    I feel like I must explain why I believe Hiccup should be considered earth and why other people believe he should be...
  12. geekymooshi answered: Depends, if it’s Avatar the last air bender he would probably be wind since earthbenders are strong. If not, wind.
  13. hiccup-the-not-so-useless answered: Wind.
  14. atrtatrt answered: ……I dunno…. wind? But he wasn’t like any Viking… and Vikings are like Earth… so is he earth? I DUNNO!
  15. mashyspikeplates said: EARTH!
  16. lovely-lina answered: Wind!
  17. andrxgxnxns answered: I’d say earth o:
  18. miundy-foxy said: but it’s a hard choice indeed
  19. miundy-foxy answered: personally I see more Earth in him
  20. lebestiole said: Wind, of course. I never understood why they gave him the earth element, just because his suit is green? He is wiiiind!!
  21. goddessoftheworld said: Earth
  22. paolin-huang answered: earth fo sure
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    Holy- I call wind. He’s a born flyer—he’s much more agile. Because of his leg earth is kind of a kick in the knee. So i...
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